We’re a small team with a big heart, committed to leaving the world a better place than we found it.

As a creative studio based in Miranda, southern Sydney, Weekday has been servicing businesses across industries at a local and national scale since its inception in 2000. 

Our people are our greatest strength – our team is united by our mutual interest in community service, creativity and, of course, the Good Weekend Quiz. We bring our genuine selves to our work and we invite you to do the same. 

Everything we do is driven by our values. We are committed to authenticity, collaboration, transparency, reliability, quality, purpose and problem solving. Perhaps most importantly, we’re life lovers. Work is important, but it isn’t everything. We make the most of our weekends, keeping work and life in balance, and we love helping our clients do the same.

The Weekday team:



Ruby, avid long distance hiker and passionate full-cream milk drinker, can often be found elbow deep in conversations about the Australian political landscape and the importance of social enterprise. Director of Weekday, Ruby has her hand in every project, providing strategic support to both clients and staff. She has a penchant for nostalgic biscuits and good storytelling.



Jeff, avid golfer, and lover of Australian pale ale and casual-dress Fridays, often laments how few people in the office want to talk sport. We unanimously agree that his beloved Dragons are the best, simply because we don’t know the name of any other team. Jeff is Australia’s Dad of the Year because he consistently shows up to all of his three son’s sporting matches. Jeff is the Creative Director of Weekday and active MC/Trivia Host.



Our sunscreen-advocate, who primarily resides in the colder Mountains climate with her partner and two children. She is often found arranging flowers in nice vases and talking to her chickens Boudicca, Bernice, Burba, Brunhilde and Samantha. Ingrid is a Designer and lover of white space.



The unfiltered voice in the office, Emily can often be found with a chai latte in hand, discussing the great mystery that is men. Her love for bold branding projects is rivalled only by her love for pink doughnuts and she sees every design challenge as a path to expanding her versatility. Her eye for detail and organisation extends beyond her work and into her office fashion – we haven’t seen her repeat an outfit yet!



Louise is always on top of things. She knows when things are due, what’s involved, and what’s realistic in the timeline provided. This makes for an excellent Account Manager. At Weekday, Louise manages the Adobe APAC and ANZ account, as well as Trinity Grammar School and Impact North, alongside all of the copywriting requirements from Weekday’s portfolio. Louise is happiest when talking about Jane Austen, Diet Coke and musicals.