At Weekday, we pride ourselves on offering reliable wrap-around support to our portfolio of clients.

Whether you’re pulling together the bones of a national campaign or require support on a one-off annual report, the Weekday team provides high-quality copywriting, graphic design, project management, website development, and print management to get your final product where it needs to be.

We regularly help with maternity covers, last-minute vacancies, and unforeseen gaps that present themselves in re-structures. Whether you’re a small business (<$2 million revenue), a for-purpose organisation or an enterprise-level business, we have solutions that will meet your needs.

Small Business & NFPs

If your business generates less than $2 million a year or you’re a not-for-profit/accredited social enterprise, this one’s for you.

A Printed booklet about building the power of Australian women.

While we offer fixed rates for one-off jobs like websites, branding and annual reports, our most popular option is our monthly hours-based retainer.

A Weekday Retainer

Guarantee budget. Guarantee accessibility of communications professionals. Guarantee efficiency and quality of service.

A retainer with Weekday will give you full-time access to our experienced professionals for the price of a freelancer. You name it, we’ve got it. Whether you need graphic design, copywriting, animation, marketing, project management. Just pay for the hours booked. 

With impressive turnaround times and the ability to join your project management system (Asana, Monday, Slack etc.), we guarantee a seamless experience that allows you to feel like you’ve gained another full time employee.

Download our Small Business / NFP Retainer Rate Card today!


You don’t hire us because we know something you don’t.
You hire us because you don’t have the time.

We understand the pace and pressure at the Enterprise level. We understand the importance of brand and the chaos that arises with multiple stakeholders across channels. 

We offer speed, reliability and a friendly service. We fill in the gaps in half-written briefs you’ve had to fire off because you’ve been hauled into a budget meeting nobody told you about. 

Whether you need a quote for a specific project or ongoing support, shoot us an email and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.



A strategic partner to us, with a creative problem-solving approach, Weekday has a great understanding of our business and brand guidelines, ensuring that every piece of content and demand asset that we take to market has the right messaging and visuals. From copywriting and graphic design to landing page development, they share our vision in committing to deadlines without compromising on the quality of content and messaging.

Marilou Rodil, ANZ Head of Marketing – Digital Media Solutions, Adobe