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Full-service support to reach social entrepreneurs across Northern Australia.

Impact North is an initiative driven by Enterprise Learning Projects (ELP). Based in Darwin, they are an ecosystem of social enterprises and entrepreneurs focused on building bridges across Northern Australia and beyond. Impact North provides the broader social innovation community with a co-working space, as well as opportunities to advocate and participate in relevant events.   

Weekday supports Impact North through regular copywriting, proofing and graphic design. This is often through eNews, pre- and post-event communications, updates to the website, signage for the co-working space, and other documents for print. In 2022, Weekday helped to put together an ‘Information Pack’ for Impact North and ELP to illustrate their initiatives in a way that was easy to understand. This 16-page document required tight messaging throughout the copy and design that visually supported the cohesive, symbiotic relationship between the two organisations, something that continued through to the creation of their first Annual Report later in 2022. Moving forward, Weekday is supporting both ELP and Impact North with regular eNews and articles written in conjunction with both CEOs, Alexie Seller and Liandra Gaykamaŋu, as well as continuing to support with copywriting and graphic design as needed.

Posters featuring Impact North’s mission statement and slogan, Movers. Shakers. Changemakers. | Designed by Weekday GroupPosters featuring Impact North’s mission statement and slogan, Movers. Shakers. Changemakers. | Designed by Weekday GroupThe Enterprise Learning Projects 2022 Annual Report | Designed by Weekday GroupA tree on a dry riverbank in the Northern Territory. Provided by Impact North.

Working with the team at Weekday is a dream. Who knew they could cover so many aspects of communications, design and marketing under one roof. We love their responsiveness, their professionalism, and the consistent high quality work they do time after time. They treat everyone with respect and genuinely care about our work. Couldn’t recommend more!

Alexie Seller, CEO, Impact North