portrait of teen who supports make it 163 teens having fun

MAKE IT 16 / 2023

Shaping collateral that gets people talking about the big issues.

Led by an indomitable group of young pioneers (all under the age of 19!), Make It 16 advocates for the vote to be extended to 16 and 17 year olds across Australia.

A quote from their launch video: “We can drive, we can consent to medical procedures, we can enlist in the army, and yet, we still can't vote. When we pay taxes but we don't have a say on how they're spent, it's taxation without representation."

Make It 16 approached Weekday to co-create the brand for their campaign, a project our team was honoured to be a part of. 

We helped to shape the brand to ensure it represented the passion and vibrancy of those advocating for lowering of the voting age, and catch the attention of those in power who will determine the outcome of the campaign. 

The Make It 16 campaign is ongoing as they seek to influence the national conversation and ultimately create a brighter future for young voters.