Name / Brand / Design

PLAI / 2023

Establishing a new name in
AI education.

PLAI’s mission is to provide non-profit and other for-good organisations with AI education so that they have the knowledge, tools and support they need to scale their impact in the new technological landscape.  

When PLAI first approached Weekday, their mission was clear, but they needed support to choose a business name, craft their brand identity and establish their online presence – all within a short timeframe.

Weekday worked alongside their team to create multiple business names that reflected their mission. Once they had settled on PLAI – Purpose-Led AI – our designers were on hand, ready to build their brand from the ground up.

Focusing on their team’s playfulness and dedication to staying at the forefront of technology, as well as a need to keep things simple for their audience who are new to the world of AI, the brand began to take shape. Our team created comprehensive brand guidelines and social media templates and remain on-hand for any further assets they may need as they establish themselves in the space.