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Working towards a better future for people and planet.

Women’s Environmental Leadership Australia (WELA) is committed to removing the barriers preventing women from stepping into leadership positions. Through empowerment, support, advocacy, funding and diversification, WELA is changing the leadership landscape to include those who positively influence local communities, businesses, industries and government in unique and innovative ways, harnessing the collaboration, networking and responsiveness at which women excel.

WELA approached the Weekday team to help them craft collateral to convey their goals, secure more funding and get the word out about the great work they do.

Our designers supported them to create donor prospectuses and flyers, using their strong brand to create documents that bring important leadership issues to the front of conversation and keep people talking.

“Working with Weekday is an absolute pleasure. They are incredibly responsive, warm and brought a fresh and creative perspective to our project. We are thrilled with the beautiful work produced. I would recommend Weekday to anyone looking for impactful design work.”

Priya Cooper, Communications Manager, WELA